I got schooled by an eight year old. It’s true and so sad. I was babysitting three kids that go to my church on Tuesday and we were sitting down having pizza for dinner. The radio happened to be on a Christian Radio station that I am not that fond of. Let’s just say the music is a little, ‘dull’ for my taste. Anyway, the droning of the choir on the radio was starting to get to me and so I said, “Jasmyn, can we please turn off the radio. This is so boring.”

She looked at me shocked.

“How can you say this is boring? They are singing praises to God! How can anything that has to deal with God be boring?!”

I stared at her shocked. Mumbled sorry and kept eating my pizza. Eventually I started humming along.

A time for grumpiness...

OK, so this morning I woke up upset….about nothing. I wasn’t PMSing or anything, I was just pure grumpy.

Perhaps it was due mostly to the fact that we have no AC in our apartment and it’s been over 100 degrees for the past couple of days. That would make someone grumpy I presume.

Anyway, I heard a knock on the door as my roommate wanted me to help her bring in the AC unit that she got from her mom’s house. I closed my eyes and rolled over. Every single negative thought ran through my head. I looked at the clock 7:15a.m. I sighed and threw on some clothes. After a few minutes we managed to lug up the heavy AC unit. By this time it was 7:30a.m and I knew that I had to start getting ready for work. But, I also knew that I couldn’t go through the day feeling like this. All, I wanted to do was talk to my Heavenly Daddy.

I grabbed my Bible and Journal and sat in the living room and just started writing. I told Him exactly how I was feeling, how I was annoyed, hot and bothered…just so irritable. It calmed me down to be able to vent like that and have no one judge me.

You see He CREATED me so He KNOWS me. He knew exactly why I was feeling that way even though I didn’t. I then read a chapter from my devotional book about love and about how we react when we are upset and irritable. I really needed to hear that this morning and He knew it. I prayed and thanked him for His word and for His comfort. After I finished up in prayer I looked at the clock and had 15 minutes to get ready for work. I grabbed a dress quickly did my hair and ran out the door with a pop tart in hand. Even though I walked through the office doors at 8:34 instead of 8:30, those minutes that I had with the Lord this morning were priceless.

An Attempt to Show You

Ok, I must confess. (Perhaps to no one in particular.) I get a little, ok a lot, discouraged when I hurriedly boot up my PC and check my blog and see 0 comments. The only time my “blog viewed” number goes up is when I check it.

“What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t anyone visiting my blog?”

These thoughts assault my mind and I get grumpy and whiny and don’t post anything for a few days, OK weeks. But, the truth is it’s not about me. This blog is about God and all of the amazing things that He does for me and everyone each day. Some articles and verses serve as a reminder of things we have known for years and others, a new thought or idea.

If no one were to ever visit or know about my blog, I think I would keep writing. It’s my way of saying to the Lord,

“I love you, and this is my attempt to show You how much.”


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