An Attempt to Show You

Ok, I must confess. (Perhaps to no one in particular.) I get a little, ok a lot, discouraged when I hurriedly boot up my PC and check my blog and see 0 comments. The only time my “blog viewed” number goes up is when I check it.

“What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t anyone visiting my blog?”

These thoughts assault my mind and I get grumpy and whiny and don’t post anything for a few days, OK weeks. But, the truth is it’s not about me. This blog is about God and all of the amazing things that He does for me and everyone each day. Some articles and verses serve as a reminder of things we have known for years and others, a new thought or idea.

If no one were to ever visit or know about my blog, I think I would keep writing. It’s my way of saying to the Lord,

“I love you, and this is my attempt to show You how much.”

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Anonymous said...

I accidentally found this website while surfing the web, and I couldn't be happier! ;) I loved everything I read, and share so many of your thoughts!! I'm also twenty something, but I live in Brazil!! So, please don't give up on this website. It was such a great comfort finding someone who shares my beliefs, principles and even my deepest worries! Hoping to have found a new friend,


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