because..... well, because

It's already Thursday and I haven't posted anything. Sad but true. This week has been super jam packed and busy and the weekend, although it is insight, will hardly be relaxing which I have to admit is my fault. Anyway, instead of wracking my brain and trying to catch you all up on things, I will leave you with this beautiful pic and will be back to regular posting next week. Until then.... xoxoxo

 {photo found here}

a goal or two

 {I'll explain this lovely meal....}

so, here its and practically the middle of May. Um, 2010 I love you but you need to slow down. I'm lady, take your time.

I've never been a huge resolution person but I have always been a fan of setting realistic goals. Yesterday, I came face to face with the fact that I had yet to establish some goals for 2010. {No, wonder it seems like the year is flying by. I had nothing to measure my successes!}

Anyway, I wrote out a list of goals last night. I'll spare you the entire thing but here are a few biggies:
-Continue to grow spiritually.I'm a on a spiritual high and totally don't want to my enthusiasm and love for God fade. 

-Run the Rock 'n' Roll Half marathon (September) This will be my second 1/2 marathon. And honestly I used to be an avid runner and totally proud of that, but um, I got lazy.

-Reach my weight loss goals, and stay there. Now I know everyone always says crap like this all the time. I am at a point where I have maintained a 20 pound weight loss for about a year and a half. ( I used to be super chubby!) But now, I'm ready to take it to the next level. I want to really think about the foods that I'm eating and not just hit up the drive thru all the time. Christina over at A Lovely Morning, geez I so want to be like her! She makes delicious food all the time, see top pic, and is so health conscious. I mean this lady cracked open coconuts while she was in LABOR as it's known to be nature's gatorade. Um, yeah. Hopefully I can be at that level one day.

So, they always say that there has to be a rewards system for things like this. Well, mine is pretty dope.
For every pound I lose I will give myself $20 to put towards the purchase of...

A Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Yes, I will only buy this dress once I have hit my goal weight and am a solid size 8.

Secondly, because I love shopping sooo much, I am considering* allowing myself to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for my birthday.Yes, Christian Louboutin. Yes, I know it's a total splurge but I would really like them and a girl needs a little inspiration.  Plus, my birthday isn't until October. So, it's not that bad right?

Anyway, this post is already long enough, but I will be happy to share my other goals with you tomorrow. Until then, xoxo

what I'm willing to do for a cupcake

I have seriously been craving a delicious cupcake for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I know I could go to the store and make them but it wouldn't be the same. I need a serious cupcake and the only ones that come to mind that will do for a craving like this, are the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in NY. And, I am seriously, SERIOUSLY considering going to NY for the weekend just to get one.

All I have to do is hop on the Chinatown bus on Friday at midnight and I would be in NY by 7am the next morning. I could have brunch with my aunt, wander around the city all afternoon and stand in line outside of the Greenwhich village bakery. (There's always a line.) I would savor that cupcake and honestly, I would have more than one I'm sure.

Saturday night, I could meet up with some friends, go dancing and enjoy NY pizza at 4am and Sunday, I would sleep in, stop by Central Park, grab a bagel and head back to Chinatown to catch my bus back to VA by 5pm. I could sooo do this...


i seriously need to get a real camera instead of using my iphone, but alas it is all that I have for now. can't wait to host another soiree to really start creating more flower arrangements and decor.

{flowers and spread from brunch Saturday morning}

weekend musings

Happy Monday! I've been a little under the weather here lately with sinus and allergies issues, but I'm starting to feel better. (even though as I type this I just got back from lunch at work and all I want to do is go home and curl up in my cloud of a bed.) shhh, don't tell.

 {flowers from brunch Saturday morning}

Weekend was nice albeit extremely busy for a sick lady...
-Iron Man 2 with E. (the first one was better)
-Lia Sophia jewelry party at my house Saturday morning
-Wedding at the Chrysler Saturday night
-Nursery duty at church with the 3 year olds (they were so awesome)
-Great church service with mom and brother visiting
-Mother's Day dinner and Scattergories at the parents house
-burgers and guac at a friends
-finally a warm cozy bed

Nothing excited planned for tonight but laundry, dinner and movie and bed. Can't wait to start feeling better...

rage against the norms...

 {photo found here}

At least that's how I've been feeling over the past couple of days. I'm working on a free lance piece for Christian Women's Connection and hopefully some other publications, and it has really got me thinking about the way I think. Especially when it comes to men. Geez. At times I feel like i have messed that area up so much, and even though I know I'm forgiven... it still kinda sucks and I need my Father's mercy and grace more and more.
I know I'm coming out of left field with this today, but I'm kinda on fire.

I've been forced to stop and think about what it is that I really want in life and if I'm really working towards them. I can say all day that I want to buy a house, but if I never start saving then how is that dream going to become a reality?

If I say that I want to marry a good Christian man, then don't I have to be a good Christian woman... um hello?

I will totally be expanding on this in the weeks to come but I just had to get out some of my thoughts on this now.

Whew! Get ready ladies, it's happening!

becuase he's my brother

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He turned 29. We got into a huge fight.

It was really quite dramatic and now that I am sitting here thinking about it, it was all just a misunderstanding. I'm sensitive and my brother's a Taurus, bull headed to say the least....

We fight. Once we were fighting, on the way to church no less, so bad that my mom, kicked us out of the car and made us walk the rest of the way there. And let me tell you, that church wasn't in the best neighborhood either. Luckily another member found as walking along the side of the road and had mercy on us.

Even though he knows how to push every single one of my buttons, he's still my brother. And even though I get mad at him and want to cuss him out, he's still my brother. And even though, I think he's stubborn, he's still my brother.

James, thanks for being such a good brother.  I love you. Happy Birthday.


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