rage against the norms...

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At least that's how I've been feeling over the past couple of days. I'm working on a free lance piece for Christian Women's Connection and hopefully some other publications, and it has really got me thinking about the way I think. Especially when it comes to men. Geez. At times I feel like i have messed that area up so much, and even though I know I'm forgiven... it still kinda sucks and I need my Father's mercy and grace more and more.
I know I'm coming out of left field with this today, but I'm kinda on fire.

I've been forced to stop and think about what it is that I really want in life and if I'm really working towards them. I can say all day that I want to buy a house, but if I never start saving then how is that dream going to become a reality?

If I say that I want to marry a good Christian man, then don't I have to be a good Christian woman... um hello?

I will totally be expanding on this in the weeks to come but I just had to get out some of my thoughts on this now.

Whew! Get ready ladies, it's happening!

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