Worth a Saturday Post.
I'm instantly in love. This is how I aspire to look and dress at all times....Classic, sophisticated, and a little sexy. How lovely.

Photo compliments of Sartorialist.

facebook and dreams

So, I've been on facebook for two hours again. (I know, I know but I really couldn't help it this time) 

Anyway, I went to school with some incredibly talented people. And again, I feel encouraged to really pursue what's in my heart. 
So, what's in my heart? Umm....I'm not exactly sure yet. 
Does it mean anything that I had a dream last night that I was a fourth grade teacher, teaching my kids about bugs (strange, I know). 

Seriously God. A little direction right about now would be lovely.....

Friday Eve

Tomorrow is Friday, and with the week that I've had at work I am most grateful. (Then again, I'm most grateful for any Friday.)

But, I have to say that I finally got some things done this week that I had meaning to do for quite some time now. 

-Hand wash clothes, delicates and such (This took forever. No wonder I always put it off.) 
-Submit an article to a local publication 
-Sent a query letter to another publication on how to submit an article
-Folded and put away a mountain of laundry

I know that non of this is terribly exciting, but it's real and sometimes it just takes a long time to put away those clothes. Anyway...i digress.

I'm really excited about submitting articles to publications. Like I mentioned earlier it's about time I dive in. Even if the water is cold. It's just so much better to just do it instead of sticking a toe, and then a foot in and then letting your legs dangle from the side... blah, blah, blah. By the time you warm up and get in, everybody else is out. No thanks, but that won't be my fate. 

In other news, I have a decision to make in regards to my friend B. (Not the birthday B. This is another B. which just goes to show how many friends I have whose names begin with the letter B.)
 I would get into all of the details but quite frankly ,it's been a long day and the only thing that I really want to get into, is bed. 
Details coming soon.....

God is good.

My President

He's not just THE President of the United States, he's MY President, my leader, and I believe him to be my friend. While watching the inauguration online today at work, I can honestly say that I was actually PROUD to be an American. Most days I wish I were from England, France or some other classic European country. But today, for the first time, the only flag that I wanted to wave with my hands and heart was the American Flag. 

loving it

Banana Republic Winter 2008...loving it for thousands of reasons.

... waiting for?

So, I just spent the last...two hours on facebook (sad I know). It sucked me in and suddenly I was helpless to the incessant clicking.  But, I would hardly say that I was wasting time. In fact, I left facebook feeling motivated to really dive into the things that I want to do with my life. I couldn't help but think to myself while I was looking at all of my friends photos, "What am I waiting for?" If I want to make myself a writer, then I can make myself a writer. If I want to move to New York, then I can move to New York. 

Of course all of this is something that I need to pray about and at the same time earnestly seek direction, but I feel that I would deeply regret it if I never even tried...tired to be a writer full time, or move to the city, or just live the life that I always thought that I would. Don't get me wrong, I love my life right now, but I can't help but feeling like I was meant to do more, be more. 

So, here comes the hard part... actually putting all of this into real time work. Dedicating time to my writing, really crafting my articles, making them special, personal, works of art even. I need to dedicate time to searching for a job in New York or D.C. or wherever I am feeling drawn to. If that means leaving work, and then coming home and working for another two or three hours than so be it. This is my life and I only get one. So...what am I waiting for?

living on less and birthdays

Quick update: I was so broke I just pitched in some cash, $5, for my friend B's birthday. Now, that I have a few extra bucks if I see something that just screams his name I will pick it up for him. I was talking to him at his birthday dinner. Nothing special. We were there and he was happy. 

So, I am officially living life on less. Today went well; I can't complain. I had food to eat. Speaking of which I'm about to indulge in some spaghetti and meatballs, that I made last night, and watch "Rumor Has It," which of course was rented from the library. jackpot!

I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday night which of course means that I must get extra creative as I need a gift. My friend B is turning 31 and I want to get him something nice....and inexpensive. I'm thinking I'm going to have to make him something or give him a good ol' IOU. 

Any Ideas??

Broken down New Years and money matters....

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and hopefully some time off from work. We can all use a little bit of that right?
My holidays were great, spent some much loved time with the family, and time with friends is always sweet. But, a couple of wrenches were thrown into my perfect holiday. 
New Year's morning- Went to get my hair done. I wanted to enter the new year looking fly, can you blame me? I was about to move my car but it wouldn't start. Hmm...Well, a priority is a priority so I left my car and got my hair done. Seven and a half hours later, yes it really did take that long, my roommate met me to give my car a jump. It worked perfectly and I went home to rush to get ready to go out with some of my friends. 
As I was making my way down I-64 my radio started to go in and out, something it had done earlier that day. I turned it off and kept on driving only to have my car start jerking around, the lights went out and my speedometer stopped working. Yikes! I quickly pulled over turned the car off and silently cursed in my head. (Perhaps not the most Christian reaction) I called AAA, my parents and my friend who I was supposed to be meeting up later.

Anyway, $500 later my car is fixed but I'm broke. Not just kinda but perhaps the brokest I have been in a long time. It's my own fault really, I admit it. I have expensive habits and I haven't been tithing like I should. So- what to do now? Cook dinner a lot, rent movies from the library, have people over for entertainment, drive less and write more. And really, this is far from 'hard living,' but it will be a little bit of an adjustment. Thank God I think I still have a few bucks left on my Starbucks gift card, I have to support my habit. 

The whole situation has really got me thinking though. A lot of people live on a lot less than me and seem to be doing just fine, maybe even better. Why is it that I feel that more is more? Yes, it is nice to go out to dinner with friends often, buy shoes, spend money without really thinking but, in the end, when the money is gone, what do you have left? Lots of things. And if my memory serves me correctly the Bible specifically tells us where to lay our treasures. 

Matthew 6:19-20
[19] Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
[20] But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

Umm, yeah I definitely haven't been doing that. And, I don't mean to sound like one of those people who are suddenly closer to God when they're broke. A friend of mine B., is how shall we say, anti-religion, and thinks that the poorer people are the more they rely on religion when they should really look inside themselves for strength. Now, I can totally understand what he's saying but I can't agree because my God, the only true God, tells me to cast all of my burdens on him. 
Regardless, just as my friend just said to me not five minutes ago, they're can't be a testimony without a test. So, here's to the New Year, saving money, passing tests, and becoming the women God meant for us to be. 


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