A little wrap up

So, back to blogging.

I know I won't be able to catch you up on everything that's going on but I wanted to share a few posts with you.
- Haiti Trip recap
- Sensational Single
- My beloved Grandmother
- October Wrap Up

Overall, it's been quite a whirlwind, but I'm doing good. I have much to be thankful for and my relationship with the Lord, is just really great. Just thinking about his love gives me genuine joy and peace. I've also got another trip coming up, but I will give you more details on that, the closer we get.
Until next time....

October Wrap Up

-Turned 26!
-Surprised my little sisters at school by having lunch with them
-Had a spectacular time with my family the Sunday before my birthday
-Got a surprise gift. New Michael Kors bag. ( I literally ran around the house shouting Hallelujah!)

-Ran the Wicked 10k on October 30th.
-Ran the WHOLE thing, at a slow pace but still!

-Carved my first pumkin! ( I think I did it when I was like 5 but i don't really remember it)

-Indulged in smores

-Had an unforunate, how shall we say....falling out? with a guy I was dating. It's a long story, but overall I am MUCH happier. (Actually that was September but whatev.)

-October was a pretty great month!

My Beloved Grandmother

Eula Mae Mischer, wife of the late Irvin Mischer Sr., daughter of the late Rosie Lee Miles, and the late Edward Robinson, was born on September 17, 1928. She was one of eight children.

She accepted Christ at an early age at Isabella Baptist Church in Tyler, Alabama and moved to Cleveland, Ohio from Tyler in 1950. She met Irvin Mischer Sr., and on May 3, 1952 they were married. Over their thirty seven years of marriage they created a home in Cleveland for their eight children.

Eula enjoyed staying active by working for over twenty years at Brown & Gage Inc. as an assembly line worker. You could often find her with a crossword, word search or Sudoku puzzle book in her hands. She enjoyed games of chance and traveled as far as Spain and The Bahamas.

She was an excellent cook and started family traditions of having your choice for breakfast on Christmas morning, including ice cream or coconut cake and often made Mickey Mouse pancakes for her grandchildren.

She leaves to cherish her memory a loving and devoted family, eight children, nine grandchildren, four great grandchildren, two brothers, one sister and a host of nieces and nephews and other relatives and friends.

Eula was a faithful member of Harvest Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

My Aunt, Grandmother, Mom and be back in 2005. I wrote and read my grandmother's obitiuary at her funeral. What an amazing and proud moment.

Sensational Single

So, before I went to Haiti, I had nominated myself to be a sensational single of Hampton Roads. It was just for fun, no big deal. I was sensational and not dating anyone seriously. Until I got back from Haiti and I was a finalist...say what?!

So, after another round of questions it became official, I was one of the top twenty 'Sensational Singles' of Hampton Roads! There were outfits to be picked out and photo shoots to be had. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and we all had a great time.

And then...I got the magazine. I wasn't thrilled about my group shot pic because you can't even really see my face, but my individual pic was super cute.

Every time I think about it, I can't help but laugh. I guess I can cross it off my bucket list.
Be a feature in a magazine. 

But, really it was a great time and I'm glad I had a chance to be involved. (As an update I did cut my hair as you can see, but I thinking about going even shorter!)

There was however, part of the magazine that wasn't as glamarous though. We had to be auctioned off for charity. I wasn't too thrilled about the idea, but I went with it anyway. The night of the auction, the weather was terrible! Schools were closing, people were getting off of work early, it was pretty bad. But, they decided to host the event anyway.
So, there were about 30 people there and most of them were women. So, while the guys were going for like $100, $150 even $200 the ladies were going for like $30, $45, $70. I personally went for $40....to my brother! He was trying to drive up the bids and ended up getting stuck with me! It's a good thing I didn't take the whole thing too seriously or else my ego would have seriously been bruised.

All, in all a great experience. You can read my interview here if you like.

Haiti Trip Recap

So, I'll just hop right back into the swing of things.
I wish I had the dedication it takes to post consistently, but well, I'm working on it.

I realize that I won't be able to catalog everything that has happened within the last few months but I will give you the highlights..

Haiti Trip. These pictures will never fully give you the insight to what it was like being there. Not until you've sat in the back of a truck, with the sun blazing on shoulders, used bug repellent instead of perfume everyday, been kissed on both cheeks by orphans excited to see your face again, have had little boys swarm you begging for money, and eaten baked fish with the heads still on them outside in the pouring rain, then well, You haven't been to Haiti.

still working...

So, the other day I happened to stumble across a binder filled with notes, story ideas, design ideas and the like on what I had originally envisioned 'twenty-something' to be all about.

This binder was from 2007 and while I was ecstatic to realize that this has been on mind for three years now, I was a bit disheartened at the progress that I had made in three years. It's always easy to look back think, "Oh I should have, could have done this, or "Oh, I should be much farther along..." and maybe I should. But perhaps  for now, with where I am, I can just be content that,

"I'm still working on it."

I'm back...

In more ways than one.

Haiti was without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I will share so much more with you as soon as I can put down all of my notes, scratches of paper and things that I learned into a cohesive post. But for the time being I will leave you with this beautiful picture of my friend Yolanda. She was the loveliest little girl, but she never smiled... and it broke my heart.

I am determined to never forget the faces, the feelings and the little moments of the time that I spent in Haiti.

the weekend briefly and trip news...

...if it weren't so sad, it would be funny. My love life that is! Oh, I won't be too hard on myself, but geez. Ok- no more complaining, whiners are weiners.

On to the next.

the weekend went by very quickly. I worked both Friday and Saturday so come Sunday morning I was exhausted, but had a wonderful time meeting up with friends at a Tapas Party. Lots of yummy food and sangria to go around. Then we went down to Ocean View Park and had fun dancing to Big Band music.

 {not the exact location, but it looks pretty similiar. Via Hither and Thither}

Getting both excited and super nervous about this trip to Haiti. I had a mini melt-down yesterday about the trip. We had a meeting to go over everything and my trip leader, bless his heart, I know he's not trying to scare us but....it's just so much to take in. I know that it's something that I have to do, so I'm beginning deep prayer over the next month. I'm going to see a lot of things that I have never seen before. And I'm sure my heart will break time and time again. But, I have to go. I have to show them love and help those who desperately need it. I have to.

because sometimes Friday's are crazy

Today has been insane. No, really.
I could never be in IT because when things are working well everyone loves you. Take for instance the IT guy at my job.

On most days, he happily sits at his desk, "researching" ya know, computer things. But today....oh today.
He was pulled in every which direction by people freaking out and cursing over the fact that there email was down. (I happened to be one of them. But no cursing was said...not out loud at least.)

IT is a dangerous profession. I don't have the guts, nor the ability to stare at a computer screen all day. So, as much as I would like to go home and relax with a heavy pour glass of Riesling, I have to take my butt to my other job. Le sigh.

I'm trying to suck it up though because it's because of this other job that I will be able to save enough money to go to England for Thanksgiving. So to sum it all up I must:

"Decide what I want, figure out how to get it, and know what I'm willing to sacrifice to have it."

 And traveling is what I want.

blog love

the lovely couple of Hither & Thither are spell bounding. this blog makes me want to...
-pack my bags
-move to New York
-And travel forever


writing stairs....

so last night I had my fiction workshop class. The last time I submitted something, um it didn't go so well. I sulked to my car and stayed up late in a sea of papers with red marks all over them.
When my friend D. came over he was like,

"Um, what are you doing?"
"Wallowing in my terrible skills as a writer. My career is over as I know it!"
"Ok, want to go to Wendy's?"
{Nothing like a supportive friend who doesn't play into my dramatic tendencies.}

{Writing is like a winding staircase, no? Huong Nguyen Fralin.}

needless to say last night I wasn't super jazzed about going. I had totally rushed my last submission and quickly re-worked something that I had written in the past.

And they loved it....................

They LOVED it!

I made them laugh, I made them relate to my character. One woman even went as far to say that she could see the movie! Seriously? Um, OK!

There's nothing like a little bit of encouragement to really get you feeling like you can do and be anything. Last night I kept dreaming of re-writes and edits and even randomly emailed my professor at 12:34am to ask about Point of View. It felt so great....


So, I'm getting super excited about my upcoming trip. I held a fundraiser at work today and raised $123! How amazing. Seriously, a few months ago I would have thought that something like this would have been impossible. I felt totally stuck in Virginia.

 {fantastic photos from super talented Huong Nguyen Fralin}

But now, this is making me see that God has amazing plans for me. And I can't wait to uncover them all....

hair today...hair tomorrow

I'm pretty sure, but I think I want short hair. (Isn't it funny how changing the length of ones hair can be such an emotional decision?) I'm trying to reassure myself that if I don't like it then my hair WILL grow back. But who knows when I will do this, my weeks are scheduled to the max. But when I do, I think I want to go for something like this....

whatcha think?

I currently have long wavy braids. I have been wearing this style for two years and I am over it. Plus, I want to feel that I can be confident, sexy and attractive without wearing someone else's hair with braids, weaves or extensions. (The joys of black hair.) Anyway, I really love this look and I think I would be able to rock it even though my face is rounder than Rhianna's. Now, I just need to find someone I trust enough to do this...


I'm going to Haiti July 27- August 3 on a missions trip. I am excited. I am scared. I am hoping to leave changed.


well hello there, friend.

-Yesterday I went to Elliot's Fairgrounds Coffee in Norfolk after work.
-Had a wonderful time writing
-Observing others
-Sipping iced coffee
-And being creative.


another mini update

why do I always do this? blog consistently for a couple of months and then just stop because i feel like i have nothing to say?
it's so lame.
anyway, another mini-update:

-Getting excited and nervous about trip to Haiti
-Thanks to a very generous donation I now only need $500 to go
-I still like the divorced guy
-I am going to England and France in November
-(Please don't feel like I have all this money to travel and that I'm well off.... I'm not. Just super blessed)
-Realizing how super blessed I am every day
-Meeting lots of people
-Went surfing for the first time on Saturday
-Got up on the board a couple of times
-Took a 1/2 day yesterday due to a serious stomach ache
-Want to go to get wings and a beer for lunch today
-Volunteered at the local Public Broadcasting station and was on TV for out 10 seconds
-Realized that 25 has been kinda tough on me mentally. Feeling as if I "should" have more things figured out
-Still learning to relax
-Going to shop at the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale and stock up on panties
-Two free lancing articles due at the end of the month
-One due today!
-Taking a fiction workshop class, and reading, reading, reading

And that's that! Perhaps this how I'm going to blog from now on. Short lists of what I'm doing, maybe questions I have about life... but who knows I may change my mind...
And that's allowed.

getting back the spark...

 {photo by Max Wagner}

It's been a weird two weeks. A few things to catch you up on...

-I'm going to Haiti in July for my first missions trip
-I'm crushing on a guy who is in the middle of a divorce
-I think it's time for me to live by myself
-I covet... a lot -I skipped out on my quite time this week, and could totally feel it
-Realized that I'm super shy when I first get to know people...I hate that
-I started cooking more often and lost a few pounds
-I used the money that I was saving to sign up for my 1/2 marathon to go shoe shopping
-I'm a little more motivated at work
-I saw the movie Food Inc, and then went to Taco Bell two days later
-I've been networking my little butt off
-Went to the beach on memorial day... hoping to go again this weekend
-I still really hope that come December there will be a big change
-I saw my therapist for the first time in 7 years
-I'm going to start seeing her way more often
-I need to relax
-I want to go on vacation
-I've always been a writer

And that's that. Regular posting to begin next week.... for real!

because..... well, because

It's already Thursday and I haven't posted anything. Sad but true. This week has been super jam packed and busy and the weekend, although it is insight, will hardly be relaxing which I have to admit is my fault. Anyway, instead of wracking my brain and trying to catch you all up on things, I will leave you with this beautiful pic and will be back to regular posting next week. Until then.... xoxoxo

 {photo found here}

a goal or two

 {I'll explain this lovely meal....}

so, here its and practically the middle of May. Um, 2010 I love you but you need to slow down. I'm lady, take your time.

I've never been a huge resolution person but I have always been a fan of setting realistic goals. Yesterday, I came face to face with the fact that I had yet to establish some goals for 2010. {No, wonder it seems like the year is flying by. I had nothing to measure my successes!}

Anyway, I wrote out a list of goals last night. I'll spare you the entire thing but here are a few biggies:
-Continue to grow spiritually.I'm a on a spiritual high and totally don't want to my enthusiasm and love for God fade. 

-Run the Rock 'n' Roll Half marathon (September) This will be my second 1/2 marathon. And honestly I used to be an avid runner and totally proud of that, but um, I got lazy.

-Reach my weight loss goals, and stay there. Now I know everyone always says crap like this all the time. I am at a point where I have maintained a 20 pound weight loss for about a year and a half. ( I used to be super chubby!) But now, I'm ready to take it to the next level. I want to really think about the foods that I'm eating and not just hit up the drive thru all the time. Christina over at A Lovely Morning, geez I so want to be like her! She makes delicious food all the time, see top pic, and is so health conscious. I mean this lady cracked open coconuts while she was in LABOR as it's known to be nature's gatorade. Um, yeah. Hopefully I can be at that level one day.

So, they always say that there has to be a rewards system for things like this. Well, mine is pretty dope.
For every pound I lose I will give myself $20 to put towards the purchase of...

A Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Yes, I will only buy this dress once I have hit my goal weight and am a solid size 8.

Secondly, because I love shopping sooo much, I am considering* allowing myself to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for my birthday.Yes, Christian Louboutin. Yes, I know it's a total splurge but I would really like them and a girl needs a little inspiration.  Plus, my birthday isn't until October. So, it's not that bad right?

Anyway, this post is already long enough, but I will be happy to share my other goals with you tomorrow. Until then, xoxo

what I'm willing to do for a cupcake

I have seriously been craving a delicious cupcake for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I know I could go to the store and make them but it wouldn't be the same. I need a serious cupcake and the only ones that come to mind that will do for a craving like this, are the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in NY. And, I am seriously, SERIOUSLY considering going to NY for the weekend just to get one.

All I have to do is hop on the Chinatown bus on Friday at midnight and I would be in NY by 7am the next morning. I could have brunch with my aunt, wander around the city all afternoon and stand in line outside of the Greenwhich village bakery. (There's always a line.) I would savor that cupcake and honestly, I would have more than one I'm sure.

Saturday night, I could meet up with some friends, go dancing and enjoy NY pizza at 4am and Sunday, I would sleep in, stop by Central Park, grab a bagel and head back to Chinatown to catch my bus back to VA by 5pm. I could sooo do this...


i seriously need to get a real camera instead of using my iphone, but alas it is all that I have for now. can't wait to host another soiree to really start creating more flower arrangements and decor.

{flowers and spread from brunch Saturday morning}

weekend musings

Happy Monday! I've been a little under the weather here lately with sinus and allergies issues, but I'm starting to feel better. (even though as I type this I just got back from lunch at work and all I want to do is go home and curl up in my cloud of a bed.) shhh, don't tell.

 {flowers from brunch Saturday morning}

Weekend was nice albeit extremely busy for a sick lady...
-Iron Man 2 with E. (the first one was better)
-Lia Sophia jewelry party at my house Saturday morning
-Wedding at the Chrysler Saturday night
-Nursery duty at church with the 3 year olds (they were so awesome)
-Great church service with mom and brother visiting
-Mother's Day dinner and Scattergories at the parents house
-burgers and guac at a friends
-finally a warm cozy bed

Nothing excited planned for tonight but laundry, dinner and movie and bed. Can't wait to start feeling better...

rage against the norms...

 {photo found here}

At least that's how I've been feeling over the past couple of days. I'm working on a free lance piece for Christian Women's Connection and hopefully some other publications, and it has really got me thinking about the way I think. Especially when it comes to men. Geez. At times I feel like i have messed that area up so much, and even though I know I'm forgiven... it still kinda sucks and I need my Father's mercy and grace more and more.
I know I'm coming out of left field with this today, but I'm kinda on fire.

I've been forced to stop and think about what it is that I really want in life and if I'm really working towards them. I can say all day that I want to buy a house, but if I never start saving then how is that dream going to become a reality?

If I say that I want to marry a good Christian man, then don't I have to be a good Christian woman... um hello?

I will totally be expanding on this in the weeks to come but I just had to get out some of my thoughts on this now.

Whew! Get ready ladies, it's happening!

becuase he's my brother

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He turned 29. We got into a huge fight.

It was really quite dramatic and now that I am sitting here thinking about it, it was all just a misunderstanding. I'm sensitive and my brother's a Taurus, bull headed to say the least....

We fight. Once we were fighting, on the way to church no less, so bad that my mom, kicked us out of the car and made us walk the rest of the way there. And let me tell you, that church wasn't in the best neighborhood either. Luckily another member found as walking along the side of the road and had mercy on us.

Even though he knows how to push every single one of my buttons, he's still my brother. And even though I get mad at him and want to cuss him out, he's still my brother. And even though, I think he's stubborn, he's still my brother.

James, thanks for being such a good brother.  I love you. Happy Birthday.


yesterday after work,  after my crazy moodiness, and foul attitude, i went to Walgreens and bought this...

the cashier was an older gentleman and asked if I wanted to add a brownie to that.
"Sir, I'm already doing enough damage here don't you think?"
"What do you mean? How much do you weigh, 110?"

God Bless that man.
I didn't eat all of that ice cream by myself. I gave the Caramel Macchiato to my co-worker. The Java Chip was awesome though!

sometimes all you need is a little fashion inspiration

this is how I want to dress all summer long. Thank you Fuji Files for the inspiration...

beat up

talk about 'woke up on the wrong side of the bed'. blaaaaaahhhhh! I just hate it when I have days like these, especially after I was standing on such solid ground yesterday. I was inspired and excited and then today I'm all.. 'um, Leave me alone.'

Geez, Christians are weird.

So what's bugging me? Well, I'm not going to go into all the details just yet.  Don't worry I stayed up late last night writing an article on exactly what I was feeling for:

A. Clarity
B. To talk to God
C. To purely vent

Once, I go back and edit all of those outraged and unruly feelings with a clearer mind, I will be happy to share. Now, what was I saying?

Oh, right about being pissed off... I'm so trying to suck it up for the rest of the day but come 5:30 all I'm gonna want is a RedBox Movie, some McDonalds and my bed. (Sad but true.) I hate it when Satan knows how to get to me. Someone must have told him that I could take on the world, so he sent his gang, and not the puny guys either, I'm talking about the big ones with names like D.,  to come jump me in the middle of the night.

Someone please tell me I'm not alone. Have you ever felt 'beat up' after you were having such a good day?

dream job

ok, I've never been a 'Name It and Claim It' kinda girl. I mean, I believe it has its place in life but I don't feel it's 'Biblically Correct' to name and claim; lottery winnings, a brand new home for $5 or free vacations. But... that's just me.

With all of that said, I am going to put the following out there in a 'name it and claim' sort of way. God, I know you're listening so here it goes.

I want to be a Christian writer and speaker who gets to travel around the world, encouraging young women. I want to write fiction and non fiction books, and get paid to do something that feels as natural as shopping. I also want to plan lovely events, whether that be a birthday party, a baby shower or a wedding. I want to be able to a make a living off of these things so that I won't have to work in Corporate America for the rest of my life. This is my dream job. Let's make it happen.

weekend musings

Is it weird that I don't like posting about the weekend on Monday's? It almost seems too sad.... Overall I had a lovely weekend spent with old and new friends, family, heavy lifting, some cooking, warm weather, a great church service and serious movies...(sorry about the fuzzy photos... I just using my iPhone for now!)

helped E move on Saturday
had some yummy coconut curry at a tiny hole in the wall Thai restaurant Saturday night
brainstormed some coco lovely ideas with my mum
continued with my addiction to flowers and bought  lovely purple and yellow tulips for my roommate and me
finally bought a Basil and Parsley plant so that I could have a window herb garden, seriously this was a work in progress for like 2 years.  (I guess this means I have to start cooking again....)

did I mention .... coco lovely

So, I'm not sure if I have shared this with you all before, but I have a small event and design business. coco lovely, is my creative outlet to test the waters when it comes to creatively thinking and desiging all types of events.

It would be a dream to be able to do this full time. I know that the Lord can do anything so I'll keep planning and we'll see where he takes it. I've got to remember to dream BIG.

Anyway, I am hosting a brunch on May 8th for some friends and am super excited to start coming up with concepts, color pallets etc. Pop over to coco lovely to take a peek at what I'm creating...


I've been called a label whore more than once...and I'm thinking that needs to change.  I mean who really cares if this cute yellow shirt that I just so happen to be wearing right now is from Banana Republic...umm, I do apparently. I also care that my two favorite rings that I wear are from Tiffany & Co. and that my coffee comes from Starbucks.   That burger and fries even looks better to me  because it's packaged in Chanel.

This is lame.

I need to get over all of the 'things' in this world that make me feel like 'me' and hold on to what really makes me, me, 'Christ.'

You all will have to keep me in check though. Because right now all I want to do is go my some Chanel nail polish... {le sigh}

weekend musings

Aren't dandelions whimsical? Whenever I see one it instantly draws me back to my childhood and I can't help but pick them and hope for a wish!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had a great time with new friends this weekend. Friday night I went Regent University to watch The Blind Side...Outside on the lawn. It was such a gorgeous night too and there weren't a ton of bugs eating us up. After, my new friends invited me out to IHOP and I totally got to indulge in a my favorite. Belgium waffles. OH joy, oh deliciousness, oh...I was so full!

Saturday I spent with my family and later went to Bravo's to meet up with some old friends.

On Sunday, I went to church with my new friend E. I know I've said this before, but it's totally worth mentioning again.  It is so refreshing to know really great Christian guys who take their walk with Christ seriously, and are fun and excited about God in a real way. I mean, it's just so awesome. Anyway, after church E. invited me out to play Ultimate Frisbee with him and his friends. At first I said no because, well I was being stupid. But I called him like 10 mins later, as he was behind me in traffic and told him that I had changed my mind and that I wanted to go.

"Oh, it's too late. You can't come now," was his response. HA! Anyway, after picking up some awesome food at Taste Unlimited for lunch, seriously if you don't have one where you live... I'm really sorry.

But I digress. I met up with E. and friends and had a blast learning a new game. Everyone was really nice and were so patient with me while trying to learn the new game. I think I picked it up fairly well, but I did have to experience the whole, 'being the last one picked like in elementary school.' Oh well! We played for over two hours and let me tell you, I was exhausted. When everyone left, E. and I sat around and talked for a bit and then went for a walk on a trail that was in the park.

It was really beautiful and it was fun getting to know him a little better. All in all a lovely weekend.

frozen with love

Two of my friends are pregnant right now, and I'm sure that more will be popping up over the next couple of months. {there's something about the warm weather} I want to give thoughtful gifts to them and yes adorable baby clothes are always lovely, but adorable baby clothes don't feed a hungry mama who gets only 2 and 3 hours of sleep.
enter - frozen meals.

{photo found here}

such a great, DIY gift that's practical and made with love, literally. I found this over on heart-of-light and had to share the easy instructions.  It looks like I will be putting together a bunch of these meals really soon. A little lasagna would be nice. {I'm not much of a casserole lady, but I'm open to suggestions.}  Probably a good idea for someone who is moving into a new home, no?

coming into existence

{photo found here. Isn't it lovely}

as a blogger, you are bound to come to terms with the question of, "Exactly how much should I be sharing?"

I've come to that place only to be left standing here, completley stagnagnt. tap, tap, tap....

So I'll just give you the jist...
I met up with the ex the other night. Had a beer and caught up. After I said goodbye to him, I realized just how different I am. I am NOT the same person that I was when I was dating him. Not even close. It's a scary yet comforting thought to realize. I've grown... who knew?!

I'm sure that he will always hold a special place in my heart and I want him to. We've been through a lot, but one of the overwhelming thoughts is that, he is just not for me.

God is refining me, preparing me for the real thing. And when I say that I don't automatically think, 'The One,' well I do because I am an obessive lady, but I'm truly trying to change my thinking. It is not just about a man, or marriage or children. It's about me. Becoming the best possible version of myself... for Me. For God. And to honor Him in all that I do. Geez, I'm so different....

being a christian is like....

being constantly surrounded with words of love. Even at your lowest low. You always know that You are loved and that no matter how many times you mess it up, or make mistakes, the love never leaves.

{You can buy these cute wall decals!}

charlotte is in the South

Geez...it sucks when you realize that you struggle with the SAME things that you have been struggling with for months... OK YEARS.

My trip to Charlotte, was good. I had a blast with my girlfriend Shelby who came with me but overall...wasn't too impressed with the city. (sigh)

I really thought thought that Charlotte was going to be my ticket out of VA but it felt just like Virginia which was odd. Although one thing that I did notice very clearly was that I was in "The South." Read into that however you like, but I'm sure you get my drift.

So, back at square one with the, "What is Lisa going to do with her life?" question of the year.

I have some other things in mind, but feel silly for sharing because who knows if those will work out either....does that make sense? One minute I'm totally fine with being on this road to creating myself, with my Savior leading the way, but other times, like this afternoon, I'm pissed! I just want to know what I'm supposed to be doing and what exactly I am here for.
God, will you please tell me now? thanks.

being a Christian is like....

a really fantastic sale. The other night I made the mistake of going to New York and Company because I heard that they were having a really great sale.  I tried on a ton of stuff and found some really great deals, and I thought to myself this is great! Then I stumbled across the accessories rack. Now, I've been praying about my wardrobe lately that the Lord would help me better accessorize.

(Yes, you read that correctly. I actually prayed that like 2 weeks ago.)

And would you believe that I came across an accessories rack that had necklaces, bracelets, earrings all for  $2.99!
I kept asking the sales lady, "This?! This right here is only $2.99?!"
"Mmhmm, " she would say over and over again.

And I just couldn't believe how good of deal I was getting. It seemed way to good to be true. But trust me, it was THAT great.


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