coming into existence

{photo found here. Isn't it lovely}

as a blogger, you are bound to come to terms with the question of, "Exactly how much should I be sharing?"

I've come to that place only to be left standing here, completley stagnagnt. tap, tap, tap....

So I'll just give you the jist...
I met up with the ex the other night. Had a beer and caught up. After I said goodbye to him, I realized just how different I am. I am NOT the same person that I was when I was dating him. Not even close. It's a scary yet comforting thought to realize. I've grown... who knew?!

I'm sure that he will always hold a special place in my heart and I want him to. We've been through a lot, but one of the overwhelming thoughts is that, he is just not for me.

God is refining me, preparing me for the real thing. And when I say that I don't automatically think, 'The One,' well I do because I am an obessive lady, but I'm truly trying to change my thinking. It is not just about a man, or marriage or children. It's about me. Becoming the best possible version of myself... for Me. For God. And to honor Him in all that I do. Geez, I'm so different....

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