dream job

ok, I've never been a 'Name It and Claim It' kinda girl. I mean, I believe it has its place in life but I don't feel it's 'Biblically Correct' to name and claim; lottery winnings, a brand new home for $5 or free vacations. But... that's just me.

With all of that said, I am going to put the following out there in a 'name it and claim' sort of way. God, I know you're listening so here it goes.

I want to be a Christian writer and speaker who gets to travel around the world, encouraging young women. I want to write fiction and non fiction books, and get paid to do something that feels as natural as shopping. I also want to plan lovely events, whether that be a birthday party, a baby shower or a wedding. I want to be able to a make a living off of these things so that I won't have to work in Corporate America for the rest of my life. This is my dream job. Let's make it happen.

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