better than a Good Friday

I'm about to share something with you that I have told very few people. Mainly because I know it's going to make me sound like a terrible Christian. Ok, Here it goes...

I've never really been into Easter. I always thought, "What's the big deal that Jesus died for us if God knew that He was going to resurrected on the third day?"

Whew, that was a lot to get off of my chest. Are you all ready to stone me now? (I'm kidding.) So, this year, at the beginning of March, everyone was starting to get excited about Easter. Me, not so much.  That was until two weeks ago. I'm in church and we're in the middle of Praise and Worship. Our leader for my service is Pastor Tina, and she goes to the stage and talks about how Jesus didn't just take on our sin, He BECAME our sin. And I realized, how much he must have been hurting.  Physically, aching, bleeding.  Bruised and  punished. I thought about all of the times that I have sinned, and it seems like enough to crucify Him 10 times over.  Now add your sin, your friends sins, your co-workers sins, random people you have met sins, the entire worlds sins.... He became. His Father, turned away from Him, shunned Him.

It's amazing and the thought leaves me speechless and dazed over His love for me. He loved me. He loved you. He loves us all.

This is the best Friday of my life.


ilovemyhouse said...

Oh Lisa, i'm not a Christian but your story brought tears to my eyes.Thanks for sharing such an intimate thought.Happy Easter.x

lisa said...

Hi, thanks for commenting! I'm so happy to share my life and thoughts with you and even Christianity. I hope you enjoyed your Easter this past weekend!

Jennifer said...

good stuff. i had the best Sunday of my life this year. good place to be.


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