a lovely Easter weekend...

happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend. I spent a lot of time with friends and family and attended two awesome church services on Sunday. It was glorious.

This week is sure to be fantastic, as I'm only working 2 1/2 days and then I'm off to Charlotte! This mini vacation/business trip could not be coming at a better time. I'm so exhausted and yet bored with my full time job. And I am just really praying that job opportunities will abound in Charlotte. I have two job interviews so we will see what happens! (say a prayer for me)

Had to share these pic with you today. They're so perfectly spring.

{photos found here}


Anonymous said...

hello there! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog.
What's the name of your church plant in Charlotte? I'm excited for you. Send me the church website if you have one.
And thank you so much for the prayers, I will be sure to pray for your trip to Charlotte and those job interviews.


lisa said...

HI Kristel,

I really enjoy reading your blog. The name of the church in Charlotte with be R5 church. You can go to R5church.org. I haven't been a part of the movement until recently. I'm just praying that I will be able to secure employment in order to move out there. So, Lord willing the doors will be opened!
I will be praying for you and your team in regards to the Denver move. I hear Denver is awesome! I hope you like the snow!

Talk to you soon!


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