weekend musings

Aren't dandelions whimsical? Whenever I see one it instantly draws me back to my childhood and I can't help but pick them and hope for a wish!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had a great time with new friends this weekend. Friday night I went Regent University to watch The Blind Side...Outside on the lawn. It was such a gorgeous night too and there weren't a ton of bugs eating us up. After, my new friends invited me out to IHOP and I totally got to indulge in a my favorite. Belgium waffles. OH joy, oh deliciousness, oh...I was so full!

Saturday I spent with my family and later went to Bravo's to meet up with some old friends.

On Sunday, I went to church with my new friend E. I know I've said this before, but it's totally worth mentioning again.  It is so refreshing to know really great Christian guys who take their walk with Christ seriously, and are fun and excited about God in a real way. I mean, it's just so awesome. Anyway, after church E. invited me out to play Ultimate Frisbee with him and his friends. At first I said no because, well I was being stupid. But I called him like 10 mins later, as he was behind me in traffic and told him that I had changed my mind and that I wanted to go.

"Oh, it's too late. You can't come now," was his response. HA! Anyway, after picking up some awesome food at Taste Unlimited for lunch, seriously if you don't have one where you live... I'm really sorry.

But I digress. I met up with E. and friends and had a blast learning a new game. Everyone was really nice and were so patient with me while trying to learn the new game. I think I picked it up fairly well, but I did have to experience the whole, 'being the last one picked like in elementary school.' Oh well! We played for over two hours and let me tell you, I was exhausted. When everyone left, E. and I sat around and talked for a bit and then went for a walk on a trail that was in the park.

It was really beautiful and it was fun getting to know him a little better. All in all a lovely weekend.


Jessica said...

hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you like the name Hendrix- my family kind of thought we were crazy naming him that! And um, what is taste unlimited? I'm totally missing out!

lisa said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for commenting. Taste Unlimited is a local chain here in Hampton Roads, VA. They make THE best Sandwiches, pasta salads anything really on their menu is delicious! Plus the sandwiches are huge! Hope you can get A Taste one day!


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