getting back the spark...

 {photo by Max Wagner}

It's been a weird two weeks. A few things to catch you up on...

-I'm going to Haiti in July for my first missions trip
-I'm crushing on a guy who is in the middle of a divorce
-I think it's time for me to live by myself
-I covet... a lot -I skipped out on my quite time this week, and could totally feel it
-Realized that I'm super shy when I first get to know people...I hate that
-I started cooking more often and lost a few pounds
-I used the money that I was saving to sign up for my 1/2 marathon to go shoe shopping
-I'm a little more motivated at work
-I saw the movie Food Inc, and then went to Taco Bell two days later
-I've been networking my little butt off
-Went to the beach on memorial day... hoping to go again this weekend
-I still really hope that come December there will be a big change
-I saw my therapist for the first time in 7 years
-I'm going to start seeing her way more often
-I need to relax
-I want to go on vacation
-I've always been a writer

And that's that. Regular posting to begin next week.... for real!

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