writing stairs....

so last night I had my fiction workshop class. The last time I submitted something, um it didn't go so well. I sulked to my car and stayed up late in a sea of papers with red marks all over them.
When my friend D. came over he was like,

"Um, what are you doing?"
"Wallowing in my terrible skills as a writer. My career is over as I know it!"
"Ok, want to go to Wendy's?"
{Nothing like a supportive friend who doesn't play into my dramatic tendencies.}

{Writing is like a winding staircase, no? Huong Nguyen Fralin.}

needless to say last night I wasn't super jazzed about going. I had totally rushed my last submission and quickly re-worked something that I had written in the past.

And they loved it....................

They LOVED it!

I made them laugh, I made them relate to my character. One woman even went as far to say that she could see the movie! Seriously? Um, OK!

There's nothing like a little bit of encouragement to really get you feeling like you can do and be anything. Last night I kept dreaming of re-writes and edits and even randomly emailed my professor at 12:34am to ask about Point of View. It felt so great....


annelise said...

I know what you mean - encouragement, even just a tiny little bit - does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. This week was the first time I've ever shared anything I've written and it was beyond terrifying. But I got some compliments as well as some really useful constructive criticism. It's been great.

So glad you got some great feedback too! Can't wait to see the movie! :)

Courtney said...

What gorgeous photos. I love the tone.


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