another mini update

why do I always do this? blog consistently for a couple of months and then just stop because i feel like i have nothing to say?
it's so lame.
anyway, another mini-update:

-Getting excited and nervous about trip to Haiti
-Thanks to a very generous donation I now only need $500 to go
-I still like the divorced guy
-I am going to England and France in November
-(Please don't feel like I have all this money to travel and that I'm well off.... I'm not. Just super blessed)
-Realizing how super blessed I am every day
-Meeting lots of people
-Went surfing for the first time on Saturday
-Got up on the board a couple of times
-Took a 1/2 day yesterday due to a serious stomach ache
-Want to go to get wings and a beer for lunch today
-Volunteered at the local Public Broadcasting station and was on TV for out 10 seconds
-Realized that 25 has been kinda tough on me mentally. Feeling as if I "should" have more things figured out
-Still learning to relax
-Going to shop at the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale and stock up on panties
-Two free lancing articles due at the end of the month
-One due today!
-Taking a fiction workshop class, and reading, reading, reading

And that's that! Perhaps this how I'm going to blog from now on. Short lists of what I'm doing, maybe questions I have about life... but who knows I may change my mind...
And that's allowed.

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annelise said...

ARgh! Don't feel like you should have things figured out by 25! I'm 30 and they're still in a mess! 25, for me, was the year that everything turned inside out and upside down. I don't know if anyone ever feels like they have it sorted out, anyway. We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves about it. xx


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