still working...

So, the other day I happened to stumble across a binder filled with notes, story ideas, design ideas and the like on what I had originally envisioned 'twenty-something' to be all about.

This binder was from 2007 and while I was ecstatic to realize that this has been on mind for three years now, I was a bit disheartened at the progress that I had made in three years. It's always easy to look back think, "Oh I should have, could have done this, or "Oh, I should be much farther along..." and maybe I should. But perhaps  for now, with where I am, I can just be content that,

"I'm still working on it."


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Thought I would share this with you :) Take care.

Punctuation Mark said...

i know how you feel but somehow life always take a little bit to happen... hope you're having a great weekend!


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