what I'm willing to do for a cupcake

I have seriously been craving a delicious cupcake for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I know I could go to the store and make them but it wouldn't be the same. I need a serious cupcake and the only ones that come to mind that will do for a craving like this, are the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in NY. And, I am seriously, SERIOUSLY considering going to NY for the weekend just to get one.

All I have to do is hop on the Chinatown bus on Friday at midnight and I would be in NY by 7am the next morning. I could have brunch with my aunt, wander around the city all afternoon and stand in line outside of the Greenwhich village bakery. (There's always a line.) I would savor that cupcake and honestly, I would have more than one I'm sure.

Saturday night, I could meet up with some friends, go dancing and enjoy NY pizza at 4am and Sunday, I would sleep in, stop by Central Park, grab a bagel and head back to Chinatown to catch my bus back to VA by 5pm. I could sooo do this...


Wise Take said...

Yum! I think a trip to NY is def justified when there are cupcakes involved!

Fuji Files said...

Sounds like a plan! Better than staying home and thinking about cupcakes :)

xx FujiFiles


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