Such a small with such a BIG meaning. I must say that as I write this I feel almost as if, "I'm not allowed" to talk about such things. But, God made the body and I have a body so let's talk about it.

Here is the honest truth of what I have been thinking about sex lately.

The Bible clearly states that sex before marriage, fornication is wrong. A sin.
The Bible also says that God views all sin the same way. As sin.
There isn't a bigger sin then any other sin. It's all sin.
So, if I lied to my co-worker about whether or not I had finished working on a project, or if I had sex, then it would all be seen to God the same. As sin.

Does it sound like I am justifying sex?
I'm not saying that everyone should run out immediately and have sex. I would never encourage that.
In fact I would not advise having sex until you have a full understanding of what it means and what God says about sex.

This is what I am saying in a round about way. If you just "follow the rules" of the Bible it will never become personal to you. It's not a rule book. It's God's love letter to us and we need to understand it and study and ask God to reveal things to us. If you simply abstain from sex because it's one of the rules, one day you might forget the rules and do it anyway. Trust me on that. Develop a personal relationship with God and sex won't just seem like Sex anymore.
But, I don't have all the answers. Leave a comment, let me know what you think about sex.

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