Haiti Trip Recap

So, I'll just hop right back into the swing of things.
I wish I had the dedication it takes to post consistently, but well, I'm working on it.

I realize that I won't be able to catalog everything that has happened within the last few months but I will give you the highlights..

Haiti Trip. These pictures will never fully give you the insight to what it was like being there. Not until you've sat in the back of a truck, with the sun blazing on shoulders, used bug repellent instead of perfume everyday, been kissed on both cheeks by orphans excited to see your face again, have had little boys swarm you begging for money, and eaten baked fish with the heads still on them outside in the pouring rain, then well, You haven't been to Haiti.

1 comment:

annelise said...

I've just read your latest posts.

I'm sorry about your grandmother :( That's sad.

Well done on everything else, Haiti looks like it would have been such an overwhelming but rewarding experience.


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