English at Heart

I'm obsessed with England. No, really- obsessed. Ask anyone who knows me and they will empathically nod their head and roll their eyes at my sad little British fantasy. I don't know what it is, or how it even started, but I love everything British. So much so that I often imitate their lovely accent- even in text messages. My signature reads: (Insert British Accent) I don't think I ever realized how crazy that was until just now.
Anyway, ultimate fantasy is to meet and fall in love with a British man (with nice teeth) move to England and have a butt load of children so they can run around calling me mummy.
And if you don't believe that British children are in fact the cutest, take a look at this.

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Cherish said...

Hey Lisa,

its nice to find someone so facinated with the English culture. I live in London and hardly notice some of the things that people love about the city. Most people in my social circle would like to relocate to the States, so its really refreshing to find someone with an interest with the culture on this side of the planet.Yes there are nice British men not sure about the nice teeth though (ha!). You should definitly visit and see it for yourself (its nothing like Love Actually, Nottinghill or Four Weddings and A Funeral)!



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