lonely cheese

So, I’ve had some time to really think over my ‘lonely’ questions and I’ve come to this conclusion---- I will never marry. (OK- that’s a little dramatic but the thought did seriously cross my mind as I lie in bed last night next to someone and felt so lonely.)

Filling your time with someone just to have someone is like going to the bathroom when your friend(s) have to go. You know you don’t have to pee yet you can’t bear to be the cheese that stands alone. And so you go, sometimes you do end up peeing and other times you just stand in front of the mirror, applying more lip-gloss which you probably don’t need, waiting for your friend(s) to exit the stall.

I don’t want to wait in the bathroom anymore. I’d rather tough it out alone then participate in superficial ‘togetherness.’ And if that means that I won’t have a warm body lying next to me for a while then I’ll deal with it, just how I’ve had to deal with other things in my life.

The cheese now stands alone.

Ok- I've been mulling this over in my head for hours now. Well, if I am 100% honest with myself I have been thinking about it for years. Let me pose a question to you. The Bible says that the Lord will comfort his people and I do believe this to be true. But, what about when it's a Saturday night and you are alone yet AGAIN. Will God comfort you then and even if he does would it be the same as if an actual person were there to comfort you?
Is it wrong to fill your loneliness with someone, if they might not be the 'right' someone?

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