for the hate of money

I never thought it was true until now but sometimes you really shouldn't talk about money with friends. Take for example yesterday. My entire office was called into the boardroom to announce that we had just taken on a new client. Great, yay. 

As a way to encourage us to seek out new clients we have a bonus program. One of my co-workers and friend, B, had referred the client and so the big boss said a short congratulations to B and said that he would be getting a bonus. I was so happy for him, he works really hard and totally deserves. 

BUT, when I got back to my desk he preceded to send me instant messages about how he was upset that they announced that he would be getting a a bonus. Uummm, OK, I said but you should be proud of the fact that you got it. What's the Big deal? He wouldn't stop, he just kept bringing it up, bringing up the fact that he works hard everyday and shouldn't only be recognized for bringing in new clients, the fact that he stays late everyday, etc etc etc. Finally I was like look, If you want a pat on the back every time you stay late or do something good then you're going to have to move to another company because that just doesn't happen here. That kinda shut him up. But then this morning, I asked him if he was still upset about the whole thing. He was but said that he had talked to his roommates, who mind you have exceptional careers in politics etc,  and said that they understood so he felt better. 

Um, so does that mean that because I'm just a 'Meetings Assistant' that there's no possible way that I could understand? Am, I somehow dumb and blissfully unaware that bonuses are negative things? Here's a hint, how about you not rub the fact that you got a bonus in my face, five times in one day. 

OK, I'm done.

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