Weekend Musings

Happy Monday. It's raining here in Hampton Roads but I don't mind it so much. It makes things kinda cozy plus, I get to wear my Banana Republic trench coat that I got on sale three years ago. Sigh, there's nothing like a classic trench. 

But, I digress. The weekend was perfectly pleasant although I did struggle with boredom on Saturday. I normally work at the Museum most Saturdays but our schedule for the coming month is very light so I was off. Great!.... Except now what? After having a lovely coffee date with a new friend I drove around for a while looking for something to do. I tried cleaning my room, but just couldn't get into it. So, I laid around, ate, laid around some more, went to Walmart?, laid around and then watched movies. It's kinda sad that it's that difficult for me to relax. But, I'm learning nonetheless. 

I did have a fantastic Palm Sunday spent with family and friends. The message that was preached was so powerful. He spoke about a time of Lament. When you are crying out to God, begging God, screaming at God, during all of that He never leaves You, He never forsakes you. Never. It really struck home because I was definitely going through my time of Lament this winter. And I felt God so close to me, even though I was going through it. Plus, it was comforting to know that what I was going through actually has a name, and that I am not alone. In fact, we're never alone.

Dinner was spent at my parents house. We feasted on Shrimp Marinara with scallops, and corn and the best and easiest strawberry shortcake. (I ate mine too fast, hence the lack of picture.) Seriously, buy angel food cake, cut up bunches of strawberries, add a can of Lite Reddi Whip and let the magic happen. Delicious and low fat. yum. 

Family time was awesome, lots of laughter, jokes and talks of relationships, past and future. Followed by the latest episode of Project Runway and The Celebrity Apprentice. (The only real reason I watch The Celebrity Apprentice is to see Curtis Stone {le sigh}  and to yell at the TV about how their making rookie mistakes. Oh, you didn't know I was the Arbiter of all things business?)

All in all a perfectly lovely weekend.

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