i peeked...

I would like to state for the record that I am not crazy. Nor am I stalker of any kind. Now, on to the story....

So, I was supposed to have dinner with the Chrysler guy today, but I ended up rescheduling with him, via text last night. The main reason for my sudden change of plans is the fact that I want to attend my friends small group session from my church. I have been wanting to get more involved in my church and I thought a small group would be a perfect start.

And, I felt like it was kind of a slap in the face to God, to ditch HIM and something that I have been wanting for weeks, to go out with a guy that I had literally no future with. So, I rescheduled.

He texted me back like 2 hours later saying that he couldn't answer because he is a soccer coach and they had just finished a game. Soccer coach, eh? That's kinda sexy. Anyway, we texted back and forth for a while and he definitely has swag. Super confident, but not cocky.

So today, at work, he randomly popped into my head and I did the most obscene, ridiculous, shamefaced thing....

I googled him. (Sigh) So, now I know a myriad of details about his life including the fact that we are both alumni from the same college; except he graduated like 20 years before me. I told you he was older.

So, if you're wondering whatever happened to the mystery of meeting someone new? Google is what happened.

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