is it coveting if..

So, I have this little obsession with fashion. No, I'm not the type to run around dropping hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes, a la Carrie Bradshaw, but I do find myself perusing online stores, actual stores, catalogs and blogs all in the name of fashion. And I mean, what's really wrong with that? Aren't we supposed to look our best for the Lord? (ok, that might be a stretch but you get what I'm sayin)

This year as one of my 'resolutions', I have decided to take my fashion sense to the next level. Don't laugh, this is serious business. With my resolution comes the fact that I no longer want to buy clothes just for the sake of buying them. I want to love each and every piece that I have in my closet. Which also means that I need to seriously tackle this a project and donate A LOT of things that I a. Never wear, b. don't fit.

I really want to work on more 'put together' looks. Here's just two looks that I want to achieve for the spring. whatcha think?

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