it's a new season

Happy Monday, while it is raining and overcast here in Hampton Roads I can't be sad because we had the most lovely weather over the weekend. I'm talking mid 80's! I'm so excited that it's officially spring. 
I'm not going to lie, the winter was pretty tough and I don't just mean weather wise. There were many battles fought, many tears shed, and many nights of fitful sleep but, and I mean this so seriously, the Lord truly carried me through it all. 

Last night, I took some time to read through my journal entries from January February and the beginning of March. While I was reading it, I couldn't help but wonder, "Did I write this?" Journal entries filled with such hope, promise, commitment to God, TRUST in God. It was almost as if I was reading someone else's work, from someone else's life. I mean since when did I have such a peace about things?!

Apparently, when I really gave it over to God, and layed it all out.

I was a ball of tears, heartbreak, worries, and stress lying naked on the cold ground with crumpled leaves surrounding me. The sky was gray, overcast with my emotions.  I cried out to God, yelled out to Him, groaned out to Him, and He heard me. He wrapped His strong arms around me. Clothed me and picked me up as if I were a child, His child, and rocked me while I wept. When I stopped crying He didn't let go. His strong hold was still on me. He wiped away all signs of tears and bounced me in the air, making me smile and giggle like a toddler. I stood on my feet once again, but I knew I wasn't alone. In fact He was holding my hand, helping me cross the street, helping me at the beginning and ending of each day. He spoke words of encouragement to my heart, he made me smile big and often. He introduced me to new friends and helped me rekindle old friendships. He fed me His Word daily and I ate, famished from malnutrition. He loved me, more than anyone ever could. And He rejoices with me at the start of this new season.

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