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So, I'm pretty terrible at keeping you updated on my 'love-life.' And I'll just be honest that I'm not sure as to how much I should be sharing sometimes. You never know in this blog world how many people are reading these things and just how connected they are to you. But, the whole purpose of 20 something is to share and encourage, so I will, with a bit of discretion of course...

My lunch date that I had last week went well. I had great time with my new friend S. It's kinda funny because when I first saw him my initial thought was, "Wow, you're cuter than I thought you would be." (I, of course, did not say this out loud.) Anyway, lunch was fun, we laughed, talked and joked about a lot of different things. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him. No biggie. He told me that he would call later that evening, which I shrugged to and said OK. I was a little surprised when he actually called though, because that's a hell of a follow up. We chatted for a little bit and then he got busy doing something and said he would call me back, which he didn't but I wasn't disappointed.

The next day He texted. And then called. (A chat of what are you doing tonight. I said I was hanging out with my girlfriends. He asked where. I said I don't know. Talk to you later.)

Next day. Text. (What are you doing tonight)

Next day. Text and then call. (What time are you coming over. We had planned on Thursday to watch the Academy Awards together.)

Watched the Oscars at his place. Left around midnight when it was over.
10mins later. Text (Call me when you get home)

Next day call. (How's your day going)

Next day call. (Want to have lunch?) you see where I'm going with this? S. is really nice but entirely too eager. And it's a huge turn off. Granted I realize that if I really liked him, I would probably just chalk it up to, "He's so attentive!" But alas, the chemistry just isn't really there for me. I'm still trying to figure out a way to let him know that, "I think you're a nice guy, but I just want to be friends" without saying that.

On to the next. I have a dinner date with the guy from the Chrysler, which I am surprisingly excited about. Granted he is older, so I seriously doubt anything will come from this, but I want to meet new people and have a good time so.... cest la vie.
We've had our casual back and forth texts about making plans but so far he has been very subtle, confident, and kinda sexy about the whole thing. So, I'm looking forward to it.

Finally, my friend B. (Sigh) Where do I even begin with this one. We used to 'date' in a way, but nothing really serious. Then I started dating my ex and we pretty much stopped hanging out altogether, because it was kinda awkward and uncomfortable. Anyway, now that I'm single, I am attracted to him yet again, but not really sure what do with all this energy. To be honest, I made it very clear that I'm interested, but because he is interested in someone else that makes for a no go, besides casual flirting here and there. (Sigh) Which to be honest, I know that I wouldn't want to get into a relationship with him anyway, so why am I wasting so much energy on it? Perhaps, I just like the attention.

Anyway, hopefully I will never do an entire post of the guys that I'm dating because it seems a tad overindulgent. Plus, I just re-read my post and um, no where do I mention God, or Jesus or what He would have to say about all of my dates, the men I choose or my love life in general....What do you think?

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