Thursdays are such a tease....

Happy Thursday! Only one day left to the weekend which should be fantastic. Although, I don't have plans, except for Saturday, which I have to work at the Museum; did I ever mention that I'm a Special Events Manager? Well, I am. I mostly do a lot of weddings at our facility and they are all lovely, and I always sneak a piece of wedding cake.

Anyway, I will be working all afternoon and evening on Saturday, and Sunday I have church and then who knows what will happen after that. I really want to watch the Academy Awards and a little red carpet, but alas I do not have cable at my home, so I'm going to have to find someone's cable to borrow for the evening.

Last night I met my brother, at the museum as we were having our Wednesday night Jazz event. It's open to the public and it's free jazz, so why not go? It was so random how I actually knew almost everyone at the table he was sitting at. In fact one of my friends thought I was coming to see him, and then I was like, "Um, you're sitting with brother, so hello!"
It was a great time. I kinda met this guy...

And the only reason I'm going to say kinda is because he was a little bit older. Ok, ok, a lot older. How old? Well, let's just say that when I told my girlfriends how old he was, they were a bit in shock, and no he's not 60. Anyway, I doubt anything will really come from it but it's nice to be thought as of a,"good looking, intelligent and smart woman." (yes, he actually said those words.)

I also have a 'lunch date' today. As a matter of fact it's kinda blind date. I'm not really sure how it happened. Well, yes I am, I met one of our sponsors at an event and I had to leave early. He looked at me and said, "Why do you have a date?" I had to laugh because a matter of fact I did. (It was horrible date, barely worth mentioning.) Anyway, he was like, I have this guy in my office, blah, blah, blah, you should meet. Originally the three of us were supposed to go but he totally bailed on me today so it will just be me and this other guy. Kinda random but I'm always for it. I will be sure and give you guys an update.

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