lazy bones and dreams

 {photo by Julia Stotz}
ugh! I've been feeling lazy about writing lately. Haven't necessarily felt inspired as of late. Actually if I'm being honest; I have felt inspired, I just haven't felt like writing about it.

Any who, I guess I had better clue you in on what's new with me. I have been wanting to move for quite some time, probably seriously for six months. I've had job interviews etc, but for whatever reason things just haven't worked out. I've been seriously praying that the Lord would either:

A. Help me find another job somewhere else so I can move -or-
B. Help me to stay content if moving isn't in the cards for me right now

So, I've been looking and searching and hoping and praying. My church announced back in December or January that they were going to do a church plant in Charlotte, NC. I quickly read over the information but at the time I had NO interest in being involved in a church plant. I mean, I just didn't feel 'holy' enough.

Time passed, seasons changed and I find myself being drawn to Charlotte. It's the weirdest thing. Now, let me preface it with saying that I naturally have an obsessive personality. {Not something that I am particularly proud of, but at least at this stage I can admit it.} When I get an idea in my head, it's stuck there for quite some time. 

I started praying about whether or not Charlotte would be my next destination. I'm still not sure of what will come from all of my research and job hunting but...

1. One of my very closest friends was shocked when I mentioned it to her because she was just talking to her dad about whether or not she should move there. (This was before I had said anything to her)
2. I went to the informational meeting at my church and already love my pastor and his wife although she is shy, I'm pretty sure we can be friends.
3. My friend and I have planned a trip to visit Charlotte April 8-11th
4. I already have one job interview lined up

I don't want to jump to conclusions, I don't want to say, "Oh, I'm moving to Charlotte Next WEEK!" I just want to be perfectly patient and wait for God's direction. And I'm not trying to be super spiritual, I just really mean it....

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